Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dark nights in the rainforest...

So, sorry everyone. I know I haven't posted a blog post, but this weekend I will be staying in Cairns and I will have reliable internet access (and I can upload some photos, maybe a video too!!)  I PROMISE I will make a more in-depth post.  To some things up though.  Its been an exciting 12 days since I have arrived here.  I was some what sick because of the cold temps and constant rain for the last 5 days but now its getting sunny and hot.  I cannot believe how strong the sun is here, its kinda of unbearable.  I have started lectures and field exercises, classes are all day and some what long, but they feed us real well here.  I had an amazing night last night.  I had an intro to Spotlighting class and went on night hikes throughout the rainforest. I was able to go through the "old growth" or "never been cleared rainforest" and was able too see some amazing insects, a leaf tailed gecko and bio-luminescent fungi.  During the hike in the rainforest we (all the students and I) all turned off our headlamps and became surrounded in complete darkness.

Though living in the rainforest is some what difficult (without modern day comforts) after about a week you start to really love were you are and the rigorous routine you have become adapted to (I guess that helps too!).  I really have never done anything like this before and I believe this will be good for me and my future endeavors though hard lines still lay ahead; I am optimistic.

More to come this weekend.


  1. Sounds really cool. I will definitely want some pictures.

  2. Looking forward to seeing some photos! This adventure that you are on sounds very exciting. Love you!